Denkyembour District Assembly Holds Staff Meeting

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 14th July, 2021

On Tuesday 13th July 2021, the Denkyembour District Assembly held its first staff meeting for the year 2021 at the District's Assembly Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to bring all staff together for discussion and deliberations towards the betterment of the assembly. Another major objective of the meeting was to extend a warm welcome to the new District Coordinating Director of the Denkyembour District Assembly; Alhaji Abdulai Abdul-Gafaru.

After the introductory address by the Human Resource Manager of the assembly; Mr Benjamin Livingbird and a short introduction by all staff, the new District Coordinating Director was called upon to give his address to staff.

Alhaji Abdulai Abdul-Gafaru, first and foremost, welcomed all staff for taking time off their official duties to attend such an important meeting. He also expressed his gratitude for the warm reception all staff has given him since his arrival as the new District Coordinating Director for the assembly. He stated that meetings such as these would periodically occur throughout the year.

In his address, he explained some policies he would like to implement upon his arrival which included punctuality to work by all staff and plans to help improve upon the assembly's Internally Generated Funds (IGF). He stated that the district's IGF, although good, needs to be improved. He, therefore, stated that the revenue taskforce would be reinstituted and resourced to help raise enough revenue to cater for internal expenditure. He also appealed to all staff to assist in whichever way to increase revenue mobilization within the district.

On issues of punctuality, he stated that effective checks would be put in place to enable all staff to report to work on time and work effectively. He also stated that management would create an enabling environment to make work effectively such as the provision of resources for staff. He also expressed his concerns about the welfare of staff. He stated that staff should come together to lay out a very stable welfare scheme to cater for staff.

The floor was open to all staff to raise concerns and ask questions concerning all the issues raised. Common about all issues raised pertained to the logistics and resources that would enable staff to work effectively.  Staff also raised issues of welfare. One of the welfare executives stated that there is an existing welfare scheme and that all staff would be enrolled on it soon.

The Human Resource Manager for the district, on behalf of the District Coordinating Director, expressed gratitude to all staff for attending the meeting and expressed that periodic staff durbar would be arranged every quarter of the year.