Denkyembour District Assembly Holds Budget Committee Meeting

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 7th February 2023

On Tuesday 7th February 2023, the budget committee of the Denkyembour District Assembly held its first meeting for the year 2023 at the District’s conference Hall in Akwatia. The objective of the meeting was to discuss and review the 2022 composite budget performance.

The chairman for the committee and District Coordinating Director for Denkyembour District Assembly; Alhaji Shamrock Abdulai Gafaru welcomed all members of the committee and stated the agenda for the day. He explained that it was very relevant for members of the committee to deliberate on issues concerning the annual composite budget and the trial balance of the assembly.

There was a presentation on the performance of revenue for the year 2023. The total approved budget from all fund sources for the year 2022 was GHC 10,858,241.44 out of which GHC 8,892,706.51 was realised representing 82%. The district approved budget for all fund sources for 2023 stood at GHC 8,874,529.34.

For Internally Generated Funds, a total of GHC 1,235,026.03 was approved during the 2022 mid-year budget review out of which GHC 1,062,451.47 was realised for the year representing 82%. The district however approved GHC 1,200,000.00 for the year 2023 which would be realised from Fines, Fees, Rates, Licences, Lands and Concessions, Rent Investment amongst others.

The best performing revenue items within the year 2022 were Support Transfer from Stool lands, Building Permits, Business Operating Licences, Conveyance Fees, Property Rates, and Market Tolls amongst others. The worst performing revenue items were also Poultry Fees, Basic Rates, Registration of Contractors, and Lotto Operators amongst others.

Measures to increase revenue in existing performing revenue items and non performing revenue items were thoroughly discussed in order to increase the revenue for 2023. There was also a discussion on embarking a task force to collect revenue arrears from the previous year.

In the closing remarks of the chairman, he expressed his gratitude to all members for taking time to attend the meeting and mentioned that all the views and suggestions from members of the committee would be taken in good faith and worked on.