Denkyembour District Assembly Holds Justice and Security Sub-Committee Meeting

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 16th February 2023

The Denkyembour District Assembly’s Justice and Security sub-committee held a meeting on Thursday, 16th February 2023, to discuss various issues related to the status of general security within the district.

The chairperson for the sub-committee, Honourable Yussif Yonah welcomed all members to the meeting. He expressed his gratitude to members of the sub-committee, especially the District Immigration Service for their immense work during the Christmas festivities. The meeting began with a discussion of matters arising from the previous minutes. Members were urged to work closely with management to address these issues and provide better security for the residents of the district.

Members discussed the recent influx of foreigners within the district, which had led to concerns about security. The committee noted that while the presence of foreigners was not necessarily a bad thing, it was important to ensure that security measures were in place to protect both residents and visitors.

The committee discussed various measures that could be taken to improve security within the district, including increased police patrols, provision of streetlights at vantage points where crimes were imminent. Members also noted that there was a need to increase public awareness about security issues and the importance of being vigilant.


The chairman thanked all members for attending the meeting and urged them to follow up on all previous recommendations. He also mentioned that all recommendations agreed upon by the sub-committee would be duly presented and defended at the Executive Committee. The committee members were encouraged to continue working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure the development of a comprehensive security plan for the district.