Staff of Denkyembour District Assembly Sensitized on RTI Act

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 1st March 2023

Solomon Ofosu, the Denkyembour District Assembly’s Right-To-Information officer, organized a right to information awareness exercise for all staff members during the staff welfare association meeting on March 1st, 2023. The sensitization practice was held in the Assembly Hall of the Denkyembour District Assembly.

The goal of the sensitization exercise was to raise awareness and comprehension of the Right to Information Act, 2019 (Act 989) among Denkyembour District Assembly workers. The Act, subject to certain exceptions, allows for the right of access to information kept by public institutions and intends to enhance transparency and accountability in governance.

The Right to Information Officer delivered an overview of the Act during the sensitization exercise, emphasizing its purpose, scope, and the rights and obligations of both public institutions and citizens under the Act. He emphasized the Act’s importance in encouraging good governance, accountability, and transparency, and he encouraged staff employees to embrace it as a tool for promoting openness in the performance of their tasks.

The Officer also walked the employees through the process of seeking information under the Act, emphasizing the need of public institutions responding to such requests in a timely and effective manner. He emphasized that failing to comply with the provisions of the Act could result in repercussions, including fines.

Staff employees participated in the sensitization exercise by asking questions and requesting clarification on various aspects of the Act. The Officer properly answered all of the questions, and the staff members expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn more about the Right to Information Act.

In conclusion, given the importance of the Act in encouraging openness and accountability in governance, the sensitization exercise held by the Denkyembour District Assembly’s Right to Information Officer was appropriate and relevant. The Officer’s presentation was enlightening, and the interactive nature of the exercise kept all staff members engaged and informed. The sensitization effort is likely to go a long way toward increasing staff members’ comprehension of the Act and fostering compliance with its requirements.