Denkyembour District Assembly Holds First Staff Meeting for 2023

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 11th January, 2023

On Wednesday 11th January 2023, Denkyembour District Assembly held its first staff meeting for the year 2023 to deliberate on issues for the year and also discuss plans that would help improve performance for the year.

The District Coordinating Director; Alhaji Shamrock Abdulai Gafaru welcomed all staff to work and extended his warmest regards and well wishes for the new year. He also congratulated all staff for a very good work done within the previous year and urged all staff to put in their best within the year of 2023. He then added that there would be two major assessments within the year which were the District Assemblies Performance Assessment Tool (DPAT) and the Performance Contract Assessment. He mentioned that a different approach would be put in for the preparation towards these assessments in order to perform in an outstanding style. In view of that, he urged all departments who had not completed their reports for 2022 should kindly do so.

He then touched on working environment and some few challenges that were encountered in the previous year and mentioned a few strategies that would be undertaken to overcome those challenges. He mentioned that a few newly posted officers do not have office furniture to sit on. Also, there was a bit of shortage of stationery, especially paper for work. He mentioned that the attention of management was drawn to those challenges and there were measures to take curb those challenges.

He also touched on general staff attendance and work performance. He mentioned that some people had a very poor attendance for the year 2022. He used the opportunity to urge all staff to regularly attend work. He also urged all those who had not done their staff performance appraisal to take particular attention and work on their 2022 end of year appraisal and the planning stage for 2023.

He mentioned that there were talks with the housing committee of GCD Limited in order to redevelop some of their bungalows and convert them into staff accommodation. Also on revenue mobilization, he mentioned that an official task force would be established for periodic revenue mobilization for the year 2023. He however urged all staff to identify other revenue sources within the district to aid the district gain more revenue.

He concluded by expressing his gratitude to all staff for attending the meeting and wished everyone well.

The District Chief Executive; Honorable Seth Birikorang Ofosu was also called to give a short address. He officially welcomed all staff from the Christmas festivities and expressed his gratitude to management for periodically holding staff meetings to discuss pertinent issues concerning the assembly. He also thanked all staff for an outstanding performance during the DPAT Assessment and encouraged everyone to put in more work. He added that his doors are always open for one on one discussion with any staff.

There were other discussions on staff accommodation, staff welfare and staff who wished to pursue further studies. The District Coordinating Director thanked everyone for the meeting and wished everyone well.