Denkyembour District Assembly Engages Occupants of Assembly Stores

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 8th February 2023

Engaging stakeholders helps to build trust and establish a positive relationship between different parties. By engaging with stakeholders, organizations can understand their needs and concerns, and work to address them in a meaningful way. This can lead to improved satisfaction and loyalty among stakeholders, which is crucial for the long-term success of an organization. In view of that, Denkyembour District Assembly on Wednesday 8th February 2023, engaged occupants of assembly stores in Akwatia and Boadua communities. The objective of the engagement was to deliberate on the new rent agreement between the assembly and occupants on assembly stores.

The District Budget Analyst; Mr Samuel Oppong Ampoma welcomed all participants to the meeting and explained that, it was important to engage them from time to time concerning rent of the stores. He informed occupants about the respective increment of the rent for 2023 and took them through the new and improved tenancy agreement for the year.

Major components of the agreement comprised that rent would be paid in accordance with the assembly rate and fee fixing resolution and would be done in the first week of the month. The agreement also mentions that there shall be no alteration of the existing structure without a permission in writing. The tenant would also not have the right to transfer, assign to or sublet the store to another person. The tenant would also be responsible for payment of all telephone, electricity and water bills relating to the premises. Lastly tenants shall not lock up the store for more than two calendar months without notice of the assembly.

After further deliberations on the agreement and other matters relating to revenue generation, the District Budget Analyst expressed his gratitude to all participants for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the meeting. He also urged all participants to thoroughly go through the tenancy agreement and submit to the Internal Revenue Office within a week.