Denkyembour District Assembly Holds Emergency DPCU Meeting

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 23rd February 2023

On Thursday 23rd February 2023, Denkyembour District Assembly held an emergency District Planning Coordinating Unit (DPCU) meeting. The committee comprises of all heads of departments and units including major institutions within the district. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the 2022 4th quarter progress report for all departments and institutions and the annual progress report for the year 2022. These presentations were in conformity to the new reporting guidelines from the NDPC.

The Chairman for the committee mentioned that Denkyembour District Assembly had scored below average in the previous years in relation to the reporting to the NDPC. He added that it was very necessary for all heads of departments, units and institutions within the district to cooperate with the Development Planning Unit in compiling and completing the report before the deadline.

After further discussions and deliberation of the departmental briefs, the District Coordinating Director urged all the departments and institutions who did not present their reports to kindly do so in the next meeting. The chairman for the committee expressed his gratitude to all members for making time to attend the lengthy meeting and asked all departments to work on any corrections that were made in their annual reports.