Denkyembour District Assembly Holds Economic Development Planning Sub-committee Meeting

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 1st August 2023

Denkyembour District Assembly’s Economic Development Planning Sub-committee held a meeting on Tuesday 1st August 2023 at the District Assembly Conference Hall to deliberate on issues of economic development within the district. The sub-committee is mandated to make recommendations that would improve upon Local Economic Development to the Executive Committee.

The chairman for the sub-committee; Honourable Emmanuel Effah Antwi welcomed all members to the meeting and expressed his gratitude to them for taking time to attend the meeting. He mentioned that the meeting would be the last meeting of the sub-committee before the third assembly would be dissolved. He therefore wished all incumbent assembly members well in their future endeavours. He then led the session of corrections and deliberations of minutes of the previous meeting.

The District Planning Officer then led the presentation and discussion of the Mid-year review of 2023 Composite Annual Action Plan. The reviewed contained projects and programs that would be executed within the district for 2023. It also included the achievement percentage of each project and programs. New projects comprising construction of pavement at Akwadum market, construction of 1 No. 10 lockable stores at Boadua, Construction of 1 No. 5 Unit teachers bungalow at Dwenase and Reshaping and Maintenance of Feeder Roads in Selected Communities.

The sub-committee, after deliberations and discussions on the mid-year review of the 2023 Composite Annual Action Plan, accepted the plan as a working document which would be taken to the Executive Committee for further approval. Members of the committee also added that, there should be the construction of washrooms and urinals in addition to all classroom blocks which did not come with these ancillary facilities.

The chairman for the sub-committee, in his closing remarks, expressed his gratitude to members for their immense support and their contribution and recommendations. He assured members that all recommendations would be tabled to the Executive Committee.