Denkyembour District Assembly Engages Religious Leaders on Building Permitting and Land Acquisition

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 16th June 2023

On Tuesday 16th June 2023, the Denkyembour District Assembly engaged leaders of religious bodies within the Denkyembour District to sensitize them about the need to obtain building permit. The engagement, which was jointly held by the Works Department and Physical Planning Department, also saw participants enlightened on land acquisition.

Alhaji Shamrock Abdulai Gafaru, the District Coordinating Director, gave some opening words to the gathering. In addition to thanking everyone for attending the meeting, he emphasized how crucial the involvement was. He continued by saying that in order to have the assembly reach as many people as possible, the religious organisations within the districts needed to be involved in order to educate the public about the procedures for obtaining a building permit.

The District Head of Works, Engr. Davor Wonder, introduced the gathering by talking about Ghana’s land tenure system. He described the several types of land tenure in Ghana, such as customary, stool, family, and state lands. Engineer Wonder underlined that in order to prevent future legal conflicts, developers must be aware of the kind of land they intend to purchase.

He continued by going into detail about Ghana’s land acquisition process. Engr. Wonder detailed the procedures needed to purchase land in Ghana, including registering the property with the Lands Commission and paying the associated costs. He also emphasized the need for developers to get legal counsel in order to prevent fraudulent deals and the significance of performing due diligence prior to purchasing land.

His final lecture covered the process for obtaining a building permit. Before beginning any development, Engr. Wonder highlighted the significance of acquiring a building permit. He pointed out the paperwork needed to apply for a building permit, such as the site plans, architectural blueprints, and structural plans. Additionally, Engr. Wonder described the many steps necessary to secure a building permit, such as the submission of paperwork and site inspections.

The District Physical Planner; Mr. Manfred Afram also added that, before any land acquisition, prospective buyers must necessarily visit the Physical Planning Department to do some checks to determine whether the intended use of the land conforms with the structure at the Physical Planning Department. He again mentioned that prospective developers who intend to put up industrial structures at zones demarcated for residential purposes and vice versa would have to apply for rezoning to trigger an entire change in the local scheme for the area.

After further discussions and deliberations by the religious leaders, the District Head of Works, on behalf of the District Coordinating Director expressed his gratitude to all participants for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend such an important meeting. He urged all religious leaders to further sensitize their congregants on how to acquire permit for all their structures.