Steps in Obtaining a Development and Building Permit

Step 1: Buy your development and building application form from the Physical Planning Development Department of the Assembly.

Step 2: Basic Requirement
– Three (3) copies of registered land document or unregistered land document with a favourable search report from lands commission.
– Building permit application form.
– Four (4) copies of certified building drawings.
– Ghana national fire service report.

Additional Requirement (For Multi-Purpose and Multi-Usage)
– Four Copies of Structural Drawings
– Environmental Protection Agency Report
– Soil Test Report
– Geotechnical Investigation Report
– Structural Integrity Report in case where development has already commenced

Step 3: Complete the application form with the required information  and add the above listed documents

Step 4: – Pay development permit and inspection/Plotting fee at the physical planning department.
– Assessment of building drawings for permit fee and penalty in case development has already commenced
from the works department.
– Corrections to be made (if any) to the building drawings.

Step 5: The Secretariat will process the application monthly for the Technical Sub-committee Inspection, Assessment and Recommendation.

  • The technical sub-committee recommendation on the application is forwarded to the Spatial Planning Committee within two weeks for final decision.
  • Possible Decision include
    – Approval
    – Regularization
    – Deferral
    – Refusal
  • In the case of deferral, the applicant will be notified and advised on what needs to be done for further consideration.
  • In the case of refusal, the applicant will be notified o the reason(s) for the refusal