Denkyembour District Assembly Sensitizes Akwatia Community on Child Protection Program 

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 9th February, 2022

The Department embarked on the education and sensitization of the Child Protection programmes in Akwatia community 9th February 2022.   We collaborated with the national service personnel to educate Orphans in the Orphanage on adolescent risk and opportunities. There was also sensitization of pupils on COVID 19.


  • Spoon full of life
  • Snake and ladder game

SPOON FULL OF LIFE: It is a game employed to help girls and boys to reflect on how to stay focus on their goals, dreams and aspirations despite many distractions that they face every day. This is what the whole game is all about. It involves the use of spoon, water and water with the water representing LIFE, and the destination representing their future aspiration and lastly Distractors represent the things that will prevent them from reaching their desired goals. It is played by lining a number of people at a point and filing spoons in their hands with water and asking them to move from that point to a different point protecting the water in the spoon from pouring.

SNAKE AND LADDER GAME: It is also a game that contains different colours of square box in a LUDO form with some boxes containing ladder and others snake. The snake refers to distractors or risks that will prevent you from reaching your desired goals in life whilst the ladder represents opportunities if adhered to will help you achieve your goals in life. It is played by tossing the dice and the particular box with colour in which you count the number you played explained whether is an opportunity to achieve a goal or a risk to distract your desired goal.


Male –  12

Female – 18