Denkyembour District Assembly Celebrates International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 13th October 2023

The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, held on October 13, 2023, at the Akyem Soabe Durbar Grounds, was a momentous event organized by the Denkyembour District National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO). This year’s theme, “Fighting Inequality for a Resilient Future,” emphasized the importance of addressing disparities in disaster risk management and creating a more equitable, resilient community.

The event began with a vibrant and colourful float, showcasing the unity and spirit of the community. Local schools actively participated, underlining the commitment of the younger generation to building a safer and more resilient future. Traditional rulers, members of the clergy, and residents of the community all gathered to contribute to the success of this crucial event.

A rep from NADMO was tasked to give the introductory remarks for the occasion. He mentioned that this was an annual celebration organised by the district NADMO office in collaboration with the District Assembly and other key stakeholders to shed light on disaster management, disaster reduction and other related activities. He introduced all special and invited guests and gave a warm welcome to all participants and urged them to pay attention to key discussions during the program.

The District NADMO Officer; Mr Owusu Aduomi was called upon to address participants on disaster management. He began his presentation by urging all members of the community to be alert and protect their surroundings in order to prevent disasters such as man-made floods and fire outbreaks. He also encouraged the community to take up communal activities such as clean up exercise and planting of trees to reduce the impact of natural disasters in the community. He lastly added that NADMO was readily available to assist every community that would fall in distress.

A representative from the District Fire Department also addressed participants at the ceremony. The Fire Service delivered a highly informative presentation on fire prevention and safety measures. Their session highlighted the importance of preparedness and vigilance in dealing with fire-related disasters. Key points included in his presentation were identifying common fire hazards at home and in the community, demonstrating the use of fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment and promoting community fire drills and emergency response plans. He also concluded by urging all participants to urgently call the Fire Service in case of any fire outbreak in the community.

Representative from the District Environmental Health Unit also addressed the ceremony on key environmental health issues. The session shed light on the pressing issue of environmental pollution. Discussions on the importance of maintaining clean and healthy surroundings was thoroughly undertaken. Key takeaways from the session included the negative impacts of environmental pollution on health and well-being, practical tips on waste management and recycling and the significance of proper sanitation practices to prevent disease outbreaks.

The District Director of National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE); Mr Ernest Kwami Eli Billy also educated participants on some civil responsibilities of the environment and community participation. He stressed the role each citizen plays in building a resilient community. Main highlights from this session encompassed the understanding the importance of civic responsibility in disaster risk reduction. He also encouraged active participation in community clean-up and maintenance initiatives and promoted the awareness of environmental laws and regulations.

The head of tributers from the Ghana Consolidated Company (GCD); a mining organization, also educated attendees on the importance of adhering to proper mining procedures. This was particularly relevant to the community, given the presence of mining activities in the area. Key points derived from his session included the environmental impact of mining and its relevance to disaster risk, showcasing responsible and sustainable mining practices and promoting a balance between mining activities and environmental conservation.

The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction also provided a platform for community members to actively engage in discussions and ask questions. The local residents, along with traditional rulers and clergy, actively participated in the Q&A sessions that followed each presentation. Their input and insights demonstrated a commitment to addressing disaster risk and fostering community resilience.

In conclusion, the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction in Denkyembour District was a resounding success. The theme of “Fighting Inequality for a Resilient Future” resonated with the community, and the various educational sessions equipped attendees with valuable knowledge and tools for disaster risk reduction. The active involvement of traditional rulers, the clergy, and the community members underscored the collective commitment to building a safer, more resilient future.