Denkyembour District Assembly Holds Emergency Budget Committee Meeting

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 10th October 2023

On Tuesday 10th October 2023, the Budget Committee of the Denkyembour District Assembly held a meeting to discuss the draft 2024 Composite Budget which would be presented at the Regional Budget Hearing.

The meeting began with an introductory remark from the chairman of the committee; Alhaji Shamrock Abdulai Gafaru. He expressed his gratitude to all members for taking time to attend the meeting. He urged members to pay rapt attention and point out any omission into the budget which would be presented at the Regional Budget Hearing.

The District Budget Analyst; Mr Samuel Oppong Ampoma made a presentation on the 2024 Composite Budget Performance to the members of the committee. The presentation comprised of the introduction, strategic overview of the district assembly, financial performance, key achievements for 2023, 2023 budget programme performance and the outlook for 2024 – 2027.

Some key development issues included how the district would resolve the issues of decreasing quality of safe water, indiscriminate mining, inadequate motorable roads, increasing rate of floods, high unemployment rate and inadequate social protection.

Total Revenue accrued as at August 2023 is GHC 1,018,767.35 with licenses contributing to about 49.73% of total IGF. In relation to all fund sources, the district assembly received GHC 5,181,904.82 as at August 2023. Some policy outcome indicators for the district were improved participatory decision making, improve revenue collection, improve environmental sanitation, improve standard of living and improve access to quality healthcare services.

On the section of 2024 outlook, the budget was segmented into Agriculture and Rural Development, Water and Sanitation, Social Protection, Health, Education, Rural Development, Local Governance and Decentralization with a total budget allocation of GHC 7,714,315.72. With respect to Internally Generated Funds (IGF), the district assembly had a projection of GHC 1,700,000.00 which would comprise of property rates, basic rates, fees, fines, licences, and land and stool lands revenue. Additionally, the district projected to receive about GHC 11 million from all fund sources including District Assemblies Common Fund and Compensation of Employees.

Finally, some key projects that would be executed in 2024 were presented. These projects included the construction of 1No 100 unit market shed at Akwadum market in Akwatia, Construction of Teachers Quarters at Dwenase, Completion of 2No 5-Seater WC toilet at Akwatia, construction of 1No mini bridge, Construction of Teachers Quarters at Dwenase and construction of community durbar grounds at Apinamang.

The chairman for the committee expressed his gratitude to all members for their immense contributions and views towards the budget preparation. He further added that all heads of department should prepare themselves for the budget hearing on Friday 13th October 2023.