Eastern Regional Coordinating Director visits Denkyembour District Assembly

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 17th July 2023

On Monday 17th July 2023, the Eastern Regional Coordinating Director, accompanied by a team of regional officials, conducted a visit to the Denkyembour District Assembly to assess and address major issues pertaining to the assembly’s operations and performance. The main areas of concern discussed during the visit were punctuality of staff, the effectiveness of the Client Service Unit, general cleanliness of assembly spaces, and the implementation of compulsory medical insurance for all Local Government Service staff.

The District Coordinating Director; Alhaji Shamrock Abdulai Gafaru, on behalf of the District Chief Executive and staff, welcomed the RCD and staff of the RCC to the district and expressed how honorable it was to receive them in the district. He added that staff was poised in listening to all messages they had from him.

The Eastern Regional Coordinating Director expressed deep concern over the consistent issue of staff arriving late to work. This recurring problem has adversely affected productivity and public perception of many assembly. During discussions, it was emphasized that punctuality is crucial in maintaining an efficient and effective public service. The Regional Coordinating Director urged the management of the assembly to take immediate measures to address this issue, including implementing disciplinary actions for habitual latecomers and setting up a monitoring system to track attendance.

The effectiveness of the Client Service Unit (CSU) was a matter of concern brought up during the visit. The Regional Coordinating Director highlighted the critical role of the CSU in providing quality service to citizens and fostering a positive image of the assembly. The District Assembly Management was instructed to conduct a thorough review of the CSU’s operations and implement measures to improve its efficiency and responsiveness to citizen needs.

Upon observing the physical conditions of the assembly premises, the Regional Coordinating Director noted issues related to cleanliness and maintenance. The state of the assembly’s public spaces reflects the commitment of the staff to providing a conducive environment for the public. The management was directed to prioritize cleanliness and maintenance by setting up a regular cleaning schedule and ensuring proper waste disposal practices.

One significant announcement during the visit was the directive to implement compulsory medical insurance for all staff of the Local Government Service within the Denkyembour District Assembly. The Regional Coordinating Director stressed the importance of safeguarding the well-being of staff and their families, especially in times of medical emergencies. This measure aims to provide a safety net and enhance staff welfare, leading to increased motivation and productivity. He added that all staff would be deducted thirty Ghana Cedis (GHC30.00) as the premium for the insurance and encouraged all staff to enroll unto the scheme.

After further discussions and deliberations on the issues discussed. The Regional Coordinating Council expressed his gratitude to management and staff of Denkyembour District Assembly for their audience. He lastly added that all the grievances expressed by staff would also be channeled to the appropriate quarters for redress.