2021 Annual Performance Review of Denkyembour Health Directorate 

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 9th March, 2021

On Tuesday 9th March 2021, the Health Directorate for the Denkyembour District held its annual performance review at the Assembly Hall of the Denkyembour District Assembly. The exercise was aimed at assessing the performance of the district for the year 2020.

During the introductory remarks, the District Health Director; Mr. Daniel Derby welcomed all participants for taking time of their busy schedules to participate in the occasion. He stated the purpose of the gathering and introduced the team from Ayensuano District who conducted the performance review.

The team leader from Ayensuano Health Directorate took the entire house through the indicators and the performance of Denkyembour district. The results of the assessment suggested that Denkyembour performed very well with 3.7 points on a scale of 5. The team leader however made some suggestions to the Denkyembour District Health Directorate in their line of duty. He suggested that the district should do all things possible to reduce maternal mortality and reduce the spread of malaria within the district.

The administration of St. Dominic’s Hospital; the biggest hospital in the district were called upon to give an account of activities they undertook for the year 2020. In their presentation, they made mention of the improvement in some of their facilities including laboratories and wards for males and females. They also announced to the house about the almost completed CT Scan unit which would be operational from the 1st of April 2021. They informed the house about being able to conduct COVID-19 test and that there was no need taking samples to Accra anymore.

The District Environmental Health Officer was also called upon to give an account on activities his unit undertook for the year 2020. He highlighted few activities such as collaborating with the Health directorate to bury all dead bodies that died from COVID-19. He also mentioned the mass education and registration of food vendors across the district.

The Health Promotion Officer for the health directorate also presented the situational report for COVID-19 in the Denkyembour District for the year 2020. She stated that out of 1087 samples tested, 87 were positive. 82 out of the 87 positives however recovered and the district recorded 5 deaths. Plans were in place to ensure the compulsory wearing of masks, washing of hands with soap under running water and practicing physical distancing.

The District Nutrition Officer for Denkyembour District was called upon to give the vote of thanks. She expressed gratitude to all participants and the assessment team from Ayensuano Health Directorate.