The Health department is responsible for providing strategic and administrative leadership for the management of policies and programs relating to Environmental Sanitation. As part of the Department’s responsibility, it provides advice for the formulation and review of policies and programs on Environmental Sanitation, Develop technical standards and specifications for Environmental Sanitation service delivery.

The Department manages the day-to-day administration and controls all activities for the smooth functioning of the division. In order to ensure effective and efficient management of sanitation within the district, the Department coordinates the application of engineering techniques and concepts in the solution of Waste Management problems.

The Health unit also liaises with agencies in addressing complex Environmental Sanitation problems requiring inter-sectoral collaboration as well as lead the quality assurance process for Environmental Sanitation.

In the execution of its mandate, the Department initiates and coordinates research and lead the dissemination of results in the Environmental Sanitation field. It also vets building plans and specifications of various types of licensed establishments, for compliance with Environmental Sanitation rules and regulations.

Contemporary environmental health services by promoting and protecting public health and safety through collaboration innovation and strategic standard enforcement.

Some of the functions include facilitating diseases control and prevention, advising on the management of the sick and assisting to formulate, plan and implement district health policies within the framework of national health policies and guidelines provided by the Minister of Health.

They also provide reports on the implementation of policies and programs relating to health in the District Assembly and advise the Assembly on all matters relating to health including diseases in the District. The department is responsible for appointment, discipline, posting and transfer of health personnel within the district, formulation and appointment of District Health Management Committee, Advisory Boards, Committee of District Hospital, Polyclinics and Health Centers, supervision and control of all District health Institutions, and collection of health statistical data and other relevant information.

The department also advise on the licensing and regulation of provision of medical care services by the private sector in the district, facilitates activities relating to mass immunization and screening for diseases treatment in the district, assists to educate and inform residents of the district on sanitation and personal hygiene, facilitates and assist in regular inspection of the district for detection of nuisance of any condition likely to be offensive or injurious to human health.

The Department also assists in efficient management of clinical care, community health care and environmental health services in the district infrastructure, to clean the district hospitals, polyclinics, health posts and dressing stations, assist to establish, install, build and control public latrines, lavatories, urinals and washing places, assists the Assemblies in the licensing of persons to build and operate public latrines, lavatories, urinals, wash houses and related services in the District, monitor the activities of the operators and report to the District Assembly and assists to establish, maintain and carry out services for the removal and treatment of liquid waste.

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