Denkyembour District Assembly Trains Poultry Farmers on New and Improved Chicken Breed

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 18th May 2023

On 18th May 2023, a training program was organized for poultry farmers within the Denkyembour District, aimed at introducing them to a new and improved chicken breed. The training was conducted by Premier Akokor Company Limited, in collaboration with the Agriculture Department of Denkyembour District Assembly. The objective was to enhance the knowledge and skills of local poultry farmers regarding the benefits and best practices of rearing the new chicken breed.

The training program consisted of various sessions introduction to the New Chicken Breed where participants were provided with an overview of the characteristics, advantages, and potential profitability of the new chicken breed. The trainers highlighted its disease resistance, rapid growth, improved meat quality, and adaptability to local conditions.

The training also focused on Breeding and Genetics where there was focus on the breeding techniques and genetic considerations for the new chicken breed. The participants learned about selective breeding, proper mating strategies, and maintaining genetic diversity to ensure long-term viability and productivity.

The session also touched on proper Housing and Management, Nutrition and Feeding and Health Management. Marketing and Value Chain was also treated to support the farmers in maximizing their profits, the training included a session on marketing strategies and the poultry value chain. The participants were educated about market trends, product differentiation, branding, and the importance of building strong relationships with buyers and suppliers.

The training program on the new and improved chicken breed organized by Premier Akokor Company Limited, in collaboration with the Agriculture Department of Denkyembour District Assembly, proved to be highly beneficial for the poultry farmers within the Denkyembour District. The participants gained valuable knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to implement best practices in their poultry farming operations.

It is expected that the adoption of the new chicken breed will lead to increased productivity, improved profitability, and sustainable growth in the local poultry industry. The collaboration between Premier Akokor Company Limited and the Agriculture Department reflects a commitment to supporting the development of the agricultural sector in the Denkyembour District.

The organizers plan to follow up with the participants to monitor their progress, address any challenges they may face, and provide ongoing support as needed. It is hoped that similar training initiatives will be organized in the future to continue promoting the adoption of innovative practices and technologies in poultry farming.