Meeting with Revenue Collectors in the Denkyembour District Assembly

Posted by Elvis Offei-Bekoe - 19th May 2023

On Friday 19th May 2023, a meeting was held with the revenue collectors of the Denkyembour District Assembly. The purpose of the meeting was to identify and address the challenges faced by revenue collectors in their day-to-day operations and discuss the management’s approach to resolving these challenges. The meeting was attended by all revenue and commission collectors within the district, other departments that generate revenue such as the Physical Planning and Environmental Health Unit amongst others.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome address by the District Budget Analyst; Mr Samuel Oppong Ampoma and introduction of all participants. The importance of the meeting was emphasized, highlighting the significance of efficient revenue collection for the development and functioning of the Denkyembour District Assembly.

Revenue collectors were invited to share their experiences and challenges encountered while performing their duties. Major highlights of their challenges included lack of adequate training. Revenue collectors expressed a need for comprehensive training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge in revenue collection techniques, including customer service, effective communication, and record-keeping.

Another challenge faced by revenue collectors include inadequate tools and technology. Many revenue collectors reported difficulties due to outdated tools and technology. They requested modern equipment such as handheld devices, software solutions, and connectivity infrastructure to streamline their work processes and improve efficiency.

Non-compliance and resistance forms a major challenge for revenue collector. Some revenue collectors faced resistance and non-compliance from individuals and businesses within the district. They suggested the need for strengthened enforcement mechanisms and collaboration with relevant agencies to ensure compliance with revenue collection policies.

The last major problem include insufficient staffing and lack of motivation and incentives. Limited staff resources were highlighted as a major challenge, leading to excessive workloads and an inability to cover all areas effectively. Additional staff members were deemed necessary to ensure effective revenue collection across the district. Revenue collectors expressed a desire for recognition, incentives, and opportunities for career advancement to boost their motivation and performance.

The District Budget Analyst took the house through the first quarter performance of the assembly. Revenue items such as Rates, Lands and Concessions, Property Income, Fees, Fines, Licenses performed relatively better compared to the first quarter of last year. A total of GHC 282,158.10 had been realised out of a budgeted amount of GHC 1,141,000.00 for the year 2023.

The district also spent on expenditure items such as other allowances, materials and consumables, utilities, general cleaning, travel and transport, repairs and maintenance, training and other special services to the tune of GHC 271,834.14.

The meeting concluded with appreciation for the active participation and valuable inputs from the revenue collectors. The management expressed their commitment to resolving the identified challenges and assured the revenue collectors of continuous support and collaboration.